Contoh Application Letter Dan CV Berbagai Profesi

Contoh Application Letter Dan CV Berbagai Profesi

Contoh Application Letter Dan CV Berbagai Profesi – Application Letter adalah sebuah surat bisnis ataupun surat yang digunakan untuk melamar pekerjaan disebuah perusahaan ataupun di sebuah instansi. Surat lamaran atau application letter sering disertakan dengan aplikasi pekerjaan atupun resume yang nantinya akan dikirimkan ke perusahaan atau instansi terkait. Surat lamaran pekerjaan atau Application Letter sering juga disebut sebagai CV atau kepanjangan dari Curriculum Vitae.

Cara Penulisan Surata Lamaran / Application Letter / CV (Curriculum Vitae) Yang Baik Dan Benar
Dalam membuat sebuah surat lamaran dimohon untuk tidak menggunakan bahasa yang kurang pantas contohnya seperti jargon atau slang. Gunakanlah kalimat-kalimat yang singkat, pararaf pendek dan juga informatif. Jangan lupa untuk memeriksa ejaan, tata bahasa dan juga tanda baca dengan sangat hati-hati.

Banyak sekali contoh application letter contohnya saja fresh graduate, sebagai accounting staff, secretary, receptionist dan lain sebagainya. Dibawah ini kami akan berikan contoh application letter beserta artinya.

Contoh Application Letter Fresh Graduate

Contoh 1 :
L de Leon St.
Siniloan Laguna
August 31, 2022

Sonia J. Alvero
Liliw National High School
Liliw ,Laguna


A woman with high regard for your institution, and with an earnest desire to serve in capacity in which the following qualifications were must be adopted, is applying for a postion subject to your consideration.
I am MICHAEL T. SIMPSONS, a fresh graduade of Laguna State Polytechnic University with degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in ENGLISH. I also joined different organization, in and out of the school that helped to develop my leadership and self-confidence.
I am optimistic that all my qualification as applicant for teaching woud met your standards for hiring.
If you think I met the qualification you need, I am much willing to come for an interview at your most convenient time.
Thank you very much and I’ll wait for your favorable response.

Very truly yours

Contoh 2
5 Dec 2022


2-2-2 Pangsapuri Idam
Jalan Aman Damai, 20000 Penang
Phone: (021) 669 – 966
Email: [email protected]

The Huan Resource Manager Sdn Bhd

#2 Ground Floor Office Equatorial Hotel

1 Jalan Bukit Jambul
11900 Penang

Dear Sir,

I wish to apply for the position of management trainee as advertised in the homepage on 1 Dec 2005. I am currently enrolled in the final year of the business administration ath the Binus University and I will graduate in April 2016.
Your company’s unique involvement and leading postion in online recruitment has promoted me to apply for the management trainee position in your organization. I am very interested in pursuing a career in the field of business administration. I have completed a wide range of subjects that prvide me with a firm base of knowledgement and skills revelant to the requirements of the management tranee position.
I notice that the postion you advertised requires two years of wrk experience. Although I do not have any work experience pertaining to the recruitment industry, I have gone through a five-month industrial training during my final year of studies where I was given tasks equivalent to a managemnt executive.
I belive that my knowledge and skills will help me contribute a great deal to your company. Above all, I possess the interest and determination to perform well in the position you are offering.
I look forward to meetingg with you to discuss the position further. I can be contacted at (021) 669 – 966 and the following email addres : [email protected] Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,


Contoh Application Letter Accounting Staff

Contoh 1 :
April 30, 2022
Mr. Jeff Branson

Human Resources Director
Gold, Bloom & Sachs
666 Figueroa Street
Fayettevile GA 30645

Dear Mr. Branson:

This letter is written in reference to the job posting of staff accountant, and I am pleased to send you my application and resume. I was very happy when I came to know about this opening, as I have been in this profession since the last four years.
I have completed my education with Bachelor degree in accounting form Victoria College, and I also have a C.P.A I have been working with Velmont Associates since last four years, and I have successfully handled the accounting books and financial records for more than 100 different public sector municipalities. As you will know after reading my resume, I have played a number of key roles in the positions of staff accountant, and I would love to have the opportunity to give you the details in person.
I would appreciate it fi you could organize a meeting as per your convenience. Please leave an e-mai at [email protected] or call me at 760-967-5993. Thanks you for devoting your valueable time in reading my application letter and viewing my attached resume.

Joe Johnson

Contoh 2 :
February 27, 2022

Ben Johnstone

Human Resources Manager
QWERTY Company Inc
150 Theway Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30211

Dear Mr. Johnstone:

I am writing to express my keen of interest in applying for the position of accounting staff which was advertised on The Guardian Times Journal recently. The qualifications and skills that you are looking for are close match with my qualifications and I believe I will idealy fit on this position.
Throught my year career at Redeliff Ltd, I have proven myself to be highly motivated, dedicated and commited accountant. Possessing some excelent capabilities in management, financial report, budget forecast, oral and written communication and organization skills me confident to give my best contribution as part of your company’s success.
I would be happy to discuss some detail information of myself in a personal meeting with you. If you are willing to, you can contact me at 1123-335-9797. Thank you for your tie in reviewing my resume and I look forward to having further meeting with you.

Sarah Connor

Contoh Application Letter Secretary

Contoh 1:
201 West Fifth Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
September 1, 2022
Mr. David Martinson

Dirctor of Personnel
Make-Rite Corporation
111 South Main Street
Toronto, Ohio 45611

Dear Mr. Martinson:

This letter to inquire about the possibility of employment as secretary with your company.
I have two years experience as a clerk/typist in an office similar to yours. In addition, ii have completed a secretary training program at sinclair community college. Enclosed is a copy of my resume for your review.
In a few days I will be stopping by your personnel office to complete an application for employment. I will be happy to take a clerical skills test at that time and also hope for a personal interview. I look forward to meeting you or a member of your staff at that time. Thank you.


Jane Robinson

Contoh 2:

149 East 56th Street,
Chicago, III.,
December 1, 2022.

Mr Ralph Hodge,

Boone & Co.,
2000 So. Michigan Ave.,
Chicago, III.

Dear Sir:

This is in answer yo your advertisement for secretary. I have had the experience and training which would, I think enable me statisfactorily to fill such a position. I recognize, of course, that whatever my experience and training have been they would be worse than useless unless they could be modified to suit your exact requirement.
The lowest salary I have ever received was twelve dollars a week, when I began work. The higest salary I have received was thirty dollars a week, but I think tha it would be better to leave the salary matter open until it might be discovered whether I am worth anything or nohing.
Very truly yours,

Mary Rogers.

Contoh Application Letter Receptionist
Contoh 1:
Ben Johnstone

Human Resources Manager

ASDFG Company Inc

345 Theway Blvd

Atanta, GA 30211

Dear Mr. Johnstone:

I am writing to show my interest in the receptionist position in your company advertised in Detroit Press on Sunday 23 April 2015. With excellent people skills and extensive working experiences in the same field, I feel that I am the ideal candidate for that position. Please have a look my attached resume.

In My current position, I am responsibility in providing support and secretarial services to exceutive staff as well as performing on the front to greet guest. I am also very skilled in doing all basuc tasks as a receptionist including answering phone, scheduling meetngs and maintaining office records.

I am so enthusiastic to meet you in person to discuss this position more. I am always to be contacted at (123) 456 – 789. Thank you for your consideration.


Sarah Connor

Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat ya.

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